Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I cut this knot out of scrap paper this morning. Top o'the morning to you! You can download my book that tells you my original method for really easy Celtic knot design. Its on my web site www.celticswan.com. Or you can copy this knot! I made it so it matches end to end. I think it needs some photo shop touch up, maybe needs to be a more intense green!
I am wearing my shamrock pin that has a wee light in it that flashes off & on. Is that silly or what?
I have tons of metal work to do, and am preheating the smithy. John planted cabbages in the garden today. And he fixed the headlights on the 59 Chevy so I can go to my fiction writers group tonight! Hooray! I am going to get stronger driving that truck as it takes loads of muscle to turn. Its so huge after my sweet lamented Toyota.
Off to pound on metal. Must order more silver and some moonstones.