Thursday, May 24, 2007

Folklife Festival Celtic Knot Class

Boy, I have not written a post in awhile! When I finally got over the bug I was so far behind on all my metalwork that I had to 'put my nose to the anvil'! I am nearly timely now.
Meanwhile, I am going to be teaching Molly's Magic Method of Celtic knot design at the Folklife Festival at the Seattle Center May 25th through the 28th. I will be in the Folklife Commons in the center tent with the purple top, and will be teaching from 11 to 6 every day. It costs $1 to come in the tent and learn. And its really fun to do. Kids & adults. Everybody!
I will also be selling my book Design Your Own Celtic Knots, plus I now have it in a pdf file on a CD for sale. Also I will be able to send people a link for downloading the whole book on line. Its the book I hand lettered and illustrated while I was living aboard the sloop Grace. It tells you about my original method for designing Celtic knots, which is way easier than anything else around.
If you cannot make it to the Folklife Festival, and I think you ought to go there because it has the most folk and world music all over the place (7000 performers?!): stages & buskers and everyone making music & dancing! Oh, but if you cannot go & want to know about my book you can find it on my web site at Now I can send the book by e mail all over the world! Hooray!
I have to get back to binding the last of the books.. Printing them here has been a wretched chore for John. He's been covered with black ink smears.
We leave on the 'red eye' ferry in the morning, and are hopeful that the traffic over on the mainland is not too bad. We so seldom leave our little island!
Hope to see you at the Festival!!!!