Thursday, July 09, 2009

Great Sock Trade Offer of 2009!

Oh I am such a Wretched Slacker in the blog department. But I have good news. The sock trade offer is now up and running! I am looking for people to knit me a pair of socks in trade for a set of my double pointed hand wrought bronze knitting needles. Go to my web site to to see the needles I make. I am wanting socks in natural fibers, preferably all wool. My feet are a great gallumphing size 10. I love solid colors of yarn, and want socks in purple or green or blue. Write to me at and we will decide between us what pattern you will be knitting, what yarn, and which size needles you'd like in trade.
Meanwhile, back at the farm, the cherries are getting ripe. We are expecting some HelpX volunteers, and have had one here who leaves in the morning. She is Jane from New Zealand, and she has been a great help and a great guest.
We are looking at some lambs tomorrow! I am excited about that. We hope to do a mutually happy trade for them. They are to add to our spinning flock. We plan to have some of our hand spun yarn from Petunia and Lillibette up for sale on the web site very soon. As soon as the new carding cloth for our drum carder comes from Village Spinning & Weaving (great resource & really terrific people!).
I got the most yummy shawl made for me for my birthday! It just arrived this past week and my birthday was in February. My friend the Spin Diva designed and knit it just for me from wonderful green cotton yarn. She put beads in the ends. Its just the best gift ever!
We've gotten our own scythe and are glad we will not have to keep borrowing one. It needs some serious hot metal work to it, but its a nice one otherwise. We are trading kelp pickles and rowan berry syrup for it! How wonderful is that?
Other news: I have announced publicly that I will have at least one chapbook of my poetry done and printed and out there for sale this summer. And summer is quickly slipping away! My primary writers group is leaning on me big-time on this. They are class #1 encouragers. I have lots of work to do!
And I am working on 2 custom sleying hooks that are specifically for rigid heddle looms. I have never made these specifically for those, so am pleased at the challenge of them. I'll photo them when done. I promise! I am often in such a screeching hurry to get to the post office before it closes at 3:00 that I neglect to photo things I have custom made for people. But this time...for sure!